PLK Choi Kai Yau School

A* in IGCSE math

A in Biology

I have been attending Ms. Wong's classes for almost a year now and I have learnt a

lot from the lessons. Through the lessons, I have been able to learn a lot of examination

techniques as well as key concepts that I need for the exarnination. I think by taking the

classes, I am able to learn a lot faster than I used to as well as string together various

knowledge more efficiently. Before taking lessons with Ms. Wong, I did not have a clear

direction in my studies and did not know how to revise effectively. However, over this past

year I have been able to develop my understanding of the subject and leam how to revise

my notes in a more systematic way.

Even though the units are covered at a relatively fast pace compared to my school,

Ms. Wong provided me with past paper questions, model answers and unit notes to better

consolidate my understanding of the topic. I found the past paper questions especially

helpful, as getting a grasp of the questions that will likely be assessed during the

examination makes revising much more efficient.

On a whole, I think that Ms. Wong's biology tutoring is very helpful for my study, in

particular in terms of revising and consolidating concepts.